[news] violet Corporation convened management system optimization work will start

InNovember23,2017,thejoint-stockcompanyheldastartmeetingontheoptimizationofmanagementsystem,andformallyopenedthepreludetotheoptimizationofthemanagementsystemofthecompany.  Atthemeeting,thedeputygenera
In November 23, 2017, the joint-stock company held a start meeting on the optimization of management system, and formally opened the prelude to the optimization of the management system of the company.
At the meeting, the deputy general manager of the joint-stock company and the Secretary of the board of the board of directors made an introduction to the purpose and plan for the optimization of the management system. Subsequently, Zhong Yanlin, the Secretary of the Party committee, further elaborated the significance of the optimization of the management system and put forward the requirements for the work of the next stage.
Finally, Gong Xiaochuan, chairman of the board, stressed that the optimization of management system by joint stock companies is an important measure to improve organization's real efficiency, enhance professional management level, enhance business adaptability and establish company's self sustainable development ability. All functional departments should attach great importance to the optimization of management system, effectively play their respective management functions and enhance the level of standardized management, so as to provide institutional guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of the company and the concept of "beautiful purple light".
The members of the leading group of the joint-stock company and the heads of the various functional departments attended the meeting.