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Technical Center Laboratory
  The laboratory of the technology center has a good working environment and complete supporting facilities, which are configured according to modern standards. In the future, we will continue to increase investment in hardware facilities, purchase various process and analysis equipment, and continuously improve the enterprise's R & D capability and core competitiveness.
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Instrumental analysis Preparation solution
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Chemical analysis laboratory
Technical center instrument
  The technology center has invested more than 70 million yuan to carry out technology improvement and project R & D, and now has nearly 5 million yuan worth of instruments and equipment and more than 200 square meters of scientific research sites. Equipped with relatively perfect R & D facilities and relatively perfect experimental and testing instruments and equipment, it can relatively independently complete the R & D, analysis and testing of various new products, new processes and new technologies.
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High pressure reactor Ultrasonic cleaner
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Ultrasonic disperser Ten thousand balance
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Liquid chromatography Atomic fluorescence


Honorary certificate of Technology Center


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In April 2017, it established a joint laboratory with Zhongwei High Tech Research Institute of Lanzhou University In 2016, it won the first prize of Sinopec joint scientific and technological progress award
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In 2016, he successfully joined China Feed Industry Association and became a director unit In 2016, it was awarded the national top 20 feed additive enterprises by China Feed Association



Intellectual property right


  The company attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and the realization of industrialization, and has formed its own advantages in technology. At present, 101 patents have been applied for and 61 patents have been authorized, including 46 invention patents and 2 PCT patents. The effective invention patents rank among the top six in Ningxia Autonomous Region, and have won the pilot unit of enterprise intellectual property rights in Ningxia Autonomous Region.

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Intellectual property pilot unit The 18th China Patent Excellence Award
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Patent certificate Patent certificate


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